The World Kempo Association has been involved in the certification of Students, Instructors and Schools since 1992. We were born from the idea to offer legitimate and serious international rank recognition and certification to those who were being abused by unfair or political practices by Instructors or associations who for various reasons took it upon themselves to limit the learning and ranking process. We believe the martial arts is a place to grow and learn, not to harbor ill will or harm others by not allowing students or instructors to test for ranking, and unjustly revoking school charters putting many gifted Sensei out of business. All of our certifications are International and therefore recognized worldwide. 
To be considered for rank recognition, please send us copies of all current rank certificates by mail or E mail.  Upon receipt we will notify you of any costs involved for certification. We also offer rank promotion for those who are willing and able to perform an actual rank test in person or in a detailed video tape. For a promotion you must be willing to communicate freely with us, as this is serious business, for a serious certification.
Your certificates will be issued from the American Combat Kempo Association, or American Combat Kenpo, your choice.  You may be ranked in Kempo Karate, Karate, Karate-Do, Ju-Jitsu, Aiki Jitsu.
For more information contact us at the E Mail below, or Email your certificates as an attachment to get things moving immediately.
Please inform Tulsa Karate if you are requesting individual certification, Instructor certification, school charter certification, or combination.